Access all your bank account in 3 simple steps


Get started by selecting your bank account from list of banks available in SHABAAS app using ‘Add Account’ button.


Access your banking information by logging in to your bank account within SHABAAS app. All data is accessed in read mode mode.


After successful authorisation all your bank accounts and transactional data are displayed in the dashboard of SHABAAS app.

What is SHABAAS?

SHABAAS is a Personal Finance Mangement(PFM) app to access all your bank information securely in one app.

Using our app, you can 

  • Control and share your bank data to make it work for you.
  • Keep track of all your banking information in one place and get near real-time updates instantly.


What is Accounts View?

Once user authorises SHABAAS to access your banking data, it would read below account information and display a summary of all accounts in this view.

  • Account Name
  • Account Balances



What is Transactions View?

For the authorised banks, SHABAAS would display a detailed transaction view with below set of information

  • Transaction Name
  • Transaction Amount
  • Filter Transactions by Date


Take control of your finance

Real-time view

Simply swipe down or pull-to-refresh to get updated transaction and balance of all your authorised banks.

Financial Insights

Save time and getting financial insights in one view across all your banking information.


Make informed decisions based on the benefits provided by each bank and compare them in one app.